Vastu Consultant

About Vastu Shastra

Every living being in the universe is desirous to get rid of all the adversities and troubles and wants to avail the various comforts and happiness of life. During that course, every creature, right from the smallest insect up to the most advanced being – human, wants to have a comfortable place where it can live or function peacefully. This place needs to be the best amongst all.

The need of this place along with various other requirements of life was very well identified by our forefathers long ago. It gave India the honor of being the originator of the “Science of Building” known as Vastu Shastra.

Although it has been described in great detail by the previous masters, today’s generation has little or no knowledge about the fundamentals of the Shastra. A few thumb rules have been propagated casually here and there in their distorted versions and are treated by the common man as superstitions and are practiced by the so-called faith-healers in the name of vibrations out of the Sixth Sense.

Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of Indian Architecture. Indian Vedas are supposed to be the oldest literature available on Earth that also contain the descriptions of a house. Not only houses, but temples, palaces, forts, market places, army buildings, stables and other buildings that were constructed on certain principles. These principles are the base of Vastu.

A lot of factors are considered when a site is being looked at. With direction being one of the important factors, it also includes the shape, size, adjoining roads amongst other surroundings, and the internal layout of the same.

Even though the world is constantly evolving, cities are modernizing and there now exists a plethora of things unimaginable to our past generations, the principles of Vastu Shastra can be applied to each one of these developments.

About the Professional Consultant

· Mr. Ramawtar Sharma was born on 17th November,1962

· Graduated in the field of Commerce from Rajasthan University

· Started his career as an accountant at Poddar Group of Industries in the year 1984

· Entered the field of Vastu Shastra as a Consultant in the year 1990 under the guidance of world renowned expert Shri Dharnidhar Sharma. He is grateful to learn Vastu Shastra from his guide who is fondly known as Guruji.

· Based out of Mumbai, he has a wide reach of clients all over the globe and has completed projects with approximately 27000 clients.

· He has spoken about Vastu at various platforms, seminars and conferences by clubs and companies like Rotary Club and Lions Club amongst others.

· Some of the Places Visited for projects are

o All over India

o The United States of America

o Belgium and Netherlands

o China and Hong Kong

o Bangkok

o Sri Lanka

o Nepal

o Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

o The United Kingdom

Some of the Major Projects undertaken

Educational Institutions

· VIBGYOR High International School, at various cities in India.


· Saket Hospital (100 beds), Jaipur.

Hotels and Restaurants

· Brijwasi Royal, Mathura.

· Govinda Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand.

· Jumbo King, Mumbai.

· Chain of Surbhee Restaurants, Mumbai.

Textile Industries

· Nagrika Exports Ltd.

· Sarla Fiber Performance Ltd.

· Indocount Industries


· Ankur Drugs, Daman

· Ashish Life Science, Tarapur

· Mohini Organics, Tarapur

· Neo Pharma, Mumbai

· Kores India

· Orshn Pharmaceuticals

Iron and Steel Industries

· Vijaya Steels Ltd. , Bangalore

· Bhagwati Steels

Chemical Industries

· Jesson Industries, Daman& Chennai

· Laxmi Organics Mahad, Maharashtra

· Mirachem Industries

Engineering Industries

· Logicon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai

· Golden Engineering Company, Pune

· Pravin Engineers, Mumbai and Pune

Jewelry Industries

· Goldiam International

· Suashish Diamond

· Royal Star

· Dia Star

· NirmalZaveri (TBZ)

· Silver Emporium

· Aura Jewels

IT Park

· Pune

· Gurgaon

· Noida

· Hyderabad

· Bengaluru

Automobile Industries

· Akar, Pune

· Almighty, Pune

· Pravin Engineering Industries

· Deepak Engineering Industries

· Falcon Tyres

Technological Companies

· Sterlite Technologies

· Universal Cables by Birla

Media Companies

· Property Tv, Noida

Garment Industries

· Sonal Garments

· G.V. Venture

· R.H.D Fashions

· Texport Syndicate

· Sai Baba Garments

· Chaudhary Carpets

· Premier Garments

· Magnum Fashions

· Marudhar Carpets.

Builders and Developer

· Kalpataru

· Dattani Builders

· Nirvana Wellness

· Century International by Birla

· JP Infra

· Sheth Developers

· Suhana Developers

Capital Market Industries

· Joinder Capital Ltd.

· Nirmal Bang Securities

· Ashika Capital

· Capree Global Capitals

· India Nivesh

· Brescon Corporate Advisory

· Ajkon Global

Power Plant Projects

· Solar Plants by Welspun

· Avada Power

Technological Companies

· Sterlite Technologies

· Universal Cables by Birla

Irrigation Project

· KissanMouldings


· Pace Setters Bussiness Solutions

Other Projects Undertaken

· Malls

· Temples

· Flats, Bungalows and Farmhouses.


Collaborated with various renowned Indian architects

· Hafeez Contracter

· Talathi & Panthaky

· Reza Kabul

· Simone Dubash

· ZZ

· Kaif Faquih